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  Progress on extending the electricity gridA grid is a network of transmission lines, usually to distribute electric power . in many countries has remained slow because of high costs of gridA grid is a network of transmission lines, usually to distribute electric power .-extension and limited utility/state budgets for electrification. Mini-gridsMini-grids are useful to […]

I recently attended an interesting workshop on renewable energyRenewable energy is power generated from infinite sources, such as wind or solar power. Conventional energy is generated from finite sources, such as natural gas or fossil oil. and gender.  This was not a workshop to celebrate women, nor an opportunity to pull out the lobbying placards […]

Last Sunday was a great moment for the German football nation. They walked out of the Marcanã Stadium as the new Champion of the world. And I might be biased as I am German, but this was an impressive sporting moment. And yet, one question remains to be answered; an event like this – that […]

Tofu is a popular ingredient of people’s diet all over the world. But have you ever wondered how their energy production footprint is in – let’s say – Indonesia? Well, there is potential for change. Energy is so manifold linked to different areas of our daily lives like food, health, or water and far more […]

It seems that our energy landscape has been changing drastically since the US found new natural gas reserves on their ground. Since then the pros and cons of fracking have kept the world in suspense and we witnessed a shift in international political relations between the big gas providers and consumers. Renewable energiesRenewable energy is […]

GVEP has carried out a week of specialised training sessions on business and project management for 20 entrepreneurs interested in exploiting and developing the Pico Hydro sector across Rwanda. The training sessions held in Muhanga-Southern Province were successive to those previously carried out last year and focused on equipping participants with finance and business skills […]



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