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Clean Energy Events Listing: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, South Africa & UAE

I think I may have discovered a new renewable energy source… I just need to work out how to plug REEEP’s Programme Team into the grid! Since my last Events Listing they have been beavering away to whittle 577 applications under REEEP’s 9th Call for Proposals into a shortlist of 84. You can read more […]

Yesterday and today we are attending the CEM3 meetings in London and in the margins of these important meetings two projects are introduced – the Global Solar and Wind Atlas and the IRENA Learning and Education Partnership. reegle provides data and support for both initiatives and we are confident that both activities are an important […]

Google gets into windpower

With DIREC 2010 in India and the  Cancun Summit, two major events concerning renewable energy are lined up and again everyone talks about the need to increase the share of clean energy in our total energy consumption. Whilst most experts see the greatest potential for photovoltaic power, up to date wind turbines still have the […]

Wind power-the bigger the better

Last week Britain has taken the lead in terms of off-shore wind parks: Thursday the world’s biggest ocean wind park has gone on the net. The electricity produced will deliver enough for approximately 200.000 households. This means the race for world-leadership in wind energy has been taken onto a new level. In order to become […]

A new era arising

Walter Kohn, Ph.D., a Nobel Laureate, expects direct wind and solar power to become the world’s main sources of energy over the next decades. The last decade has already seen an increase of factor 90 for solar and factor 10 for wind energy. This new Sol/Wind era is brought about by the need to satisfy […]

Green World Expo

The place to spot the trends that will shape the future: world fairs. The next major event will be held in China, is themed “Better City, Better Life” – The Shanghai World Expo 2010 – and will run from May till October.



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