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Since Rio+20, there is commitment for the of post-2015 development goals to take over after the Millennium Development Goals and the establishment of the new Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs. The discussion has drawn in a large amount of organizations discussion „the world we want“. Yet it is still difficult to understand what the exact […]

The world we want 2015

Currently there is a call to join the Post-2015 global consultation on energy! Alongside the vision of the Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) initiative this is a  call for collaboration on the most pressing issues we face today. As the world approaches 2015, the overall target date for achieving the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals), thinking […]

In the past couples of decades over 80% of countries have reformed water laws – mainly as a response to expanding populations, urbanization and climate change. While some of these measures were quite successful, global process has been rather slow when it comes to drinking water access, human health and water efficiency in agriculture. A […]

News on IRENA and Abu Dhabi

The World future Energy Summit happening right now in Abu Dhabi (16th – 19th January) has prompted UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to remind participants of the need to bundle all efforts to make access to clean energy for all a reality. Highlighting the advantages of non-conventional energy he addressed IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency) […]

Durban Climate Change Conference – high expectations?

We might be the last generation with the capacity to act in our struggle to mitigate climate change. The future looks bleak; recent disasters such as the floods in Australia can almost definitely be attributed to global warming, and most experts take an increase in temperature of several degrees Celsius for granted. Today, Monday November […]

Air pollution-a silent killer

The United Nations guidelines on air pollution from cars and factories that can cause heart disease, lung cancer, asthma, and acute lower respiratory infections could save over a million lives a year – if they were adhered to! The WHO has conducted “unprecedented” compilation of data from nearly 1,100 cities across 91 countries and found […]



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