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It’s done – the ‘new’ reegle clean energy info portal is online! We worked very hard in the last weeks to launch the new reegle tomorrow alongside the EE-Global in Brussels (say hallo to me if you are there!) and I have to say: It was definitely worth the hard work! One of our most […]

EU Energy Data – visualised

Today a new very useful application was launched to put European energy targets into a context and visualise data from (mainly) Eurostat. Eurostat provides free to re-use, open data – which is really useful and even more useful if you put these datasets in a context. The team of the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN) did […]

Explaining tricky energy terms

It has been noted on several occasions that there seems to be some confusion in regard to relevant energy terms, for example when graphs and statistics are compared. Therefore it makes sense to explain same of the most often referred-to terms.

We just issued a press release regarding the new reegle maps statistics and animation mode … I attached it below – would be great if some of the reegle blog readers pick that up and help us to increase the outreach of our clean energy search engine 🙂 Screenshots first … then the Press Release […]

In the last decade hundreds of policies promoting renewable energies have been created worldwide. One of the greatest RE success stories is the worldwide deployment of feed-in-tariffs (FiTs) for electricity from renewable sources. Only ten years ago not more than 13 countries had enacted FiTs (see REN21 Global Status Report 2007) while today at least […]

Renewable statistics – visualised

Yesterday a new feature called “energy statistics Europe” was launched on reegle. The aim of the underlying project was to create a tool to visualise renewable energy and relevant energy statistics on the reegle worldmap. The first step is done, you now can overlay the map with several different statistics (source: Eurostat) including: Share of […]



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