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Calling all Renewable Energy Experts!

The second review period for REN21’s 2014 Global Status Report will begin this Friday April 4th and will run until Wednesday April 16th. This is an open peer review process; your feedback, as well as additional information that you may have, is welcome and will help to strengthen the quality of the Global Status Report. […]

Minigrids and 100% access

2014 marks the decade of Sustainable Energy for All. Given that 1.3 billion people do not have access to electricity and a further, 2.6 billion people rely on traditional biomass for cooking and heating (IEA, World Energy Outlook 2013), we have our work cut out for us if we are to meet the goal of […]

SunCulture technology gives hope to farmers in Kenya

A Kenya based company that distributes solar irrigation kits to local farmers could transform agriculture through solar powered irrigation – a cost-effective solution to low rainfall and spiking energy prices. GVEP is working with SunCulture to provide strategic advice on expansion into new markets. SunCulture’s AgroSolar Irrigation Kit is a solar powered drip-irrigation system, designed […]

Today I’d like to share a guest article by Brisbane solar company Infinite Energy Brisbane that highlights why solar energy systems for residential utilization make so much sense:  Solar power is a relative newcomer in the residential energy industry; so many homeowners are still wary and somewhat uneducated about fueling the home using solar energy. […]

Solar power – on the fast lane

There were some problems last year for solar manufacturers: for example an oversupply problem. Evenso, good news is that 2012 actually witnessed a dramatic growth in the world’s use of solar power. Especially  the amount of solar panels installed on rooftops in the U.S. soared in recent quarters. This is thanks to new  innovative financing […]

Solar heat and electric power

Researcher Joshua Pearce  from Michigan Technological University has been working on solving a long-standing problem in solar technology: On one hand, solar thermal systems can harvest more energy in form of hot water than photovoltaic systems can generate in terms of electricity, but electric power is valued higher in monetary terms. Yet the average household […]



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