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April NewsREEEP now available

In the latest NewsREEEP: Impressions from DG Martin Hiller’s trip to India, REEEP‘s experiences at the World Green Economy Summit and news and event updates from the field.

Unintended Consequences of Renewable Energy – a short review

Energy technologies in the future will need to be based on renewable sources of energy and will, ultimately, need to be sustainable. The Springer book “Unintended Consequences of Renewable Energy” by Otto Andersen provides insight into unintended, negative impacts and how they can be avoided. In order to steer away from the pitfalls and unintended effects, it […]

Climate services and M&E now part of reegle Tagging API

You are probably aware of our free Tagging API which is a reegle service to automatically tag your web resources that deal with clean energy and climate change issues. In an explosively growing online world, it is critical to make large independent databases more ‘searchable.’ Tagging the information in individual documents makes them much more […]

Experiencing the Asian Clean Energy Forum 2013

This is an article by Laura Williamson, the communications and outreach manager at REN21: The summer heat that has finally hit Paris!  It is reminiscent of the heat I recently experienced at the Asian Clean Energy Forum (ACEF); one major difference however is that in Manila everything is air-conditioned whereas in Paris you have to […]

Today I’d like to share a guest article by Brisbane solar company Infinite Energy Brisbane that highlights why solar energy systems for residential utilization make so much sense:  Solar power is a relative newcomer in the residential energy industry; so many homeowners are still wary and somewhat uneducated about fueling the home using solar energy. […]

In the wake of the financial crisis, global unemployment rates have hit 6% with no improvement projected until after 2016. Recent estimates suggest that the most severely affected are today’s youth, with their global unemployment rate reaching 12.7%. Even the most educated generation in terms of higher degree attainment, the Millennial Generation born between early […]



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