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Nuru Energy donates solar lights for Northern India

Over a month ago, India was hit hard by flash floods with devastating effects. The pictures of water all over the place went around the world and pushed the Himalaya State Uttarakhand into the headlines for a brief moment.  1,000 people died, and 6,000 have gone missing and even though the images disappeared from our […]

On the fast lane – Bus Rapid Transit in Jakarta, Indonesia

Blog based on an article written by my colleague Claudia  Florowski . The REEEP-funded TransJakarta project for low carbon public transport in Jakarta is stepping up its game. The project, part of  REEEP’s 8th programme call, just celebrated a successful milestone with the opening of another bus lane. The implementing agency for this project is the Institute […]

REEEP project implementers meet at Vienna Energy Forum

Our team from REEEP spend the best part of last week at the Vienna Energy Forum – also hosting the reception on Wednesday evening where apart from our Director General Martin Hiller and Chris Barton (Chairman of REEEP’s Governing Board and Head of International and Domestic Energy Security at the UK Department of Energy and […]

This week is World Water Week

Our current call for clean energy projects has several thematic areas of focus, such as access to energy, scaling up successful business models, communication and a real key issue the world battles with, the role of energy in food production and water supply. The connection between water, food, and  clean energy access is undeniable a […]

REEEP opens call for clean energy project proposals

The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) has opened its 9th programme cycle yesterday! This is a call for clean energy project proposals that target key emerging markets and a selection of developing countries. The geographic focus is on Brazil, China, India and South Africa plus Columbia and Peru, Ghana, Indonesia and Vietnam. “We’re […]

Call for projects!

Hear it here first: Good news for project implementers and those out in the field: REEEP is launching its 9th funding cycle in late August! In late August REEEP will issue its 9th funding call for projects that address barriers to the uptake of renewable energy and energy efficiency. Again each project can apply for […]



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