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Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) recently launched a new policy brief How can the Green Climate Fund initiate a paradigm shift? that explores the measures that will be needed for the Green Climate Fund to fulfill its ambitions. A global decision through the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) agreements paved the way for the […]

Energy Access for All

Access to energy services is a key development priority. However how a service is accessed and by whom is equally as important. Gender is often the forgotten component in the energy equation. Men and women typically have different roles in the home and the community, which means that how energy is used varies. For example, […]

Following reading and interesting CDKN (Climate and Development Knowledge Network) brief on Thai energy policy, here are a few key extracts from the document. Setting up the right environment in terms of policy and regulation can be a real accelerator for renewables energy and energy efficiency. Thailand is taking the right measures to ensure sustainable […]

New Policy and Regulation Overview

SERN has almost completed the update of the Policy and Regulation Overview! A new edition featuring relevant policies regarding renewable energy and energy efficiency  is available online now. Search online in reegle’s Policy and Regulation Section for information about each countries’ clean energy polices. You can also find this information as part of our comprehensive […]

CDKN’s new Policy Brief on vlimate change and poverty reduction outlines the impacts of climate change on achieving and sustaining development goals. It reviews the evidence gap on climate effects on poverty, and recommends how to ensure effective development in the face of climate change. The brief, written by Simon Anderson, Head of Climate Change […]

Sustainable Banking

John Cassidy wrote in a recent article in the New Yorker, “When the banking system behaves the way it is supposed to…it is akin to a power utility, distributing money (power) to where it is needed and keeping an account of how it is used.” Ideally, banks provide financial services to citizens and organizations “to […]



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