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I just want to share with you that an exiting new resource for information on climate change adaptation and mitigation is being published by the CDKN (Climate Development Knowledge Network) on a quarterly basis. Even though this newsletter has already gotten a short mention in a previous blog, I think it is worth telling you […]

Originally posted by Laure Ego 12 Oct 2010 on Welectricity, an innovative, award-winning social network that helps users track and reduce their electricity consumption at home, has been listed by UK-based WWF as a “Green Game-Changer” in their recently launched sustainable innovation initiative. According to the WWF website, their green game-changers initiative seeks to […]

Google gets into windpower

With DIREC 2010 in India and the  Cancun Summit, two major events concerning renewable energy are lined up and again everyone talks about the need to increase the share of clean energy in our total energy consumption. Whilst most experts see the greatest potential for photovoltaic power, up to date wind turbines still have the […]

Many countries are vulnerable to weather events, be it extreme events or variations in average temperatures, precipitation levels or other parameters. The vulnerability is driven in part by exposure to these changes but also by countries’ sensitivity to events being exacerbated by past practices, socio-economic or legacy issues. The degree to which vulnerability to weather […]

News from Southern Africa (September 2010)

CTI PFAN Project Development & Financing Workshops for AFRICEF Three Project Development & Financing Workshops for the shortlisted projects, participating in the CTI PFAN Africa Forum for Clean Energy Financing (AFRICEF), were held in May 2010 in Kampala (21.05), Maputo (24.05) and Johannesburg (26.05). The workshops were designed by CTI PFAN to provide expert input […]

News from South East Asia and Pacific (July 2010)

Find below the most interesting news from the last months from South East Asia and the Pacific on “Policy Developments”, “Project Developments “, “Access to Finance”, “Energy for All” and “Information and Tools”: Policy Developments: June Special Forum Energy Ministers Meeting on Pacific energy security: Concerned about the impact of energy prices on Pacific economies, […]



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