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REEEP (Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership) has joined forces with the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN), the operational arm of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Technology Mechanism, to launch the “Climate Tagger”. This new tool, which automatically scans, labels, sorts and catalogues data and document collections, will help knowledge-driven […]

Energy Hackathon Helsinki – short review

I have spend most of last week in Finland’s lovely capital, Helsinki. My main reason to visit was to attend and present our work at the Energy Hackathon. This event was staged at the Aalto University’s Media Lab and drew together a pretty wide range of interesting people. Backgrounds included developers, energy companies, journalists and […]

Linked Open Data presented in the US

Since our IT Director Florian Bauer has returned from DC, he has recollected some of the most important points of the Linked Open Data workshop on November 12th.  NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) and REEEP had teamed for this much-anticipated event in Washington DC.  The 26 attendees at Linked Open Data for Clean Energy came […]

Linked Open Data (LOD) is a growing trend amongst governments and civil society organisations who understand that the internet now makes the entire storehouse of human knowledge available to anyone, anywhere, through access via computer or mobile device.  To reflect this new reality, many organisations are taking their existing data sets – many of which […]

Reegle wins “Standard of Excellence” award

Again reegle has good reason to celebrate: we have been awarded the Non-profit Standard of Excellence award by the prestigious Web Marketing Association WMA WebAwards 2011. WMA is a great platform for complementing many of the best works done in the industry. Reegle, the clean energy information portal has again proved its quality by qualifying […]

Power consumption, efficiency and Google

In 2009 a story made headlines that is still being brought up today: British newspaper The Sunday Times claimed that a Google search generated large amounts of greenhouse gases; the same amount of carbon as boiling a kettle of water for tea. Even though later Google later was able to prove that in fact most […]



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