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Empowering women in business

A recent publication from the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves draws attention to the critical role that women play in scaling up the market for clean cooking solutions. GVEP’s experience in working with women-led businesses demonstrates that with the right support, tailored to their specific needs, the entrepreneurial spirit of women can be channelled into […]

Renewables – current situation

Bloomberg New Energy Finance released their global trends for investment in renewables in 2011, here it is digested for you: Global investment in renewables jumped 32% in 2010, to a record $211 billion. It was boosted especially by wind farm development in China as well as small-scale solar PV installation on rooftops in Europe. Noteworthy […]

Investment trends in early 2011

Given the rush to complete a number of big investment transactions in the closing weeks of 2010 – in some cases to “catch” attractive subsidy deals before they expired – it was little surprise that activity in the first quarter of 2011 was relatively subdued. Financial new investment in renewable energy totaled $31 billion, down […]

Improved energy business prospects in Uganda

A five-year programme continues to support micro businesses in East Africa to scale up in a way that boosts local economies while promoting the sustainable management of natural resources and reducing poverty. Three years ago Jude Kabanda began his business and Community Based Organisation, Friends of the Environement (FEO). Operating from Makindye, a suburb of […]

GVEP International, in partnership with the Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy, has published a guide for energy entrepreneurs who want to link their businesses to carbon finance. The guide, which is part of a series also covering Investment Finance and End-User Finance, aims to provide recommendations on their first steps to assess their businesses’ potential […]

Sustainable Banking

John Cassidy wrote in a recent article in the New Yorker, “When the banking system behaves the way it is supposed to…it is akin to a power utility, distributing money (power) to where it is needed and keeping an account of how it is used.” Ideally, banks provide financial services to citizens and organizations “to […]



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