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Clean Energy Events Listing: Canada, Germany, Qatar, Senegal, South Africa, UAE & USA

This is the end, my friends. The end of my regular fortnightly Events Listing posts that is. As many of you are aware REEEP has undergone a major strategy review this year and the result is a focusing of our efforts. We introduced a stronger thematic approach in our recent 9th Call and will be […]

Clean Energy Events Listing: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, South Africa & UAE

I think I may have discovered a new renewable energy source… I just need to work out how to plug REEEP’s Programme Team into the grid! Since my last Events Listing they have been beavering away to whittle 577 applications under REEEP’s 9th Call for Proposals into a shortlist of 84. You can read more […]

Clean Energy Events Listing 4th October: Australia, Qatar, Singapore, South Africa & UK + Awards

REEEP’s International Secretariat has its offices on one of UNIDO’s floors of the UN buildings in Vienna – the Vienna International Centre. I’ve been here all week. It’s 21 storeys up and there’s quite a view, but I still can’t see as far as this week’s events, since they are in all corners of the […]

Clean Energy Events Listing: Brazil, Thailand, Singapore, UAE, & USA

Let’s start with a reminder: just two days to go people! Deadline for normal proposals for REEEP’s 9th Call for Proposals is close of play this Friday, 21st September. All the details here: News of events all over the world this week, from the Gulf to South East Asia and both Americas. Desert sun […]

Clean Energy Events Listing: Canada, India, UK & US + REEEP’s 9th Call for Proposals

Lots of Calls in this week’s Events Listing: our own, a sustainable energy research call from the UK, and the launch of the 2013 Ashden Awards. There are some events in here too, in London, New Delhi, San Francisco and Toronto. Just in case you haven’t already heard (pay attention at the back please!): REEEP’s […]

REEEP Project Managers Meeting in Johannesburg

In my Clean Energy Events Listing post last week I briefly mentioned the recent REEEP Project Manager’s Meeting, a two-day event which took place in Johannesburg, South Africa, at the start of July. Once in each Programme Cycle we gather together project managers of ongoing projects that have received REEEP funding to exchange information and […]



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