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Online course: Renewable Energies for Developing Countries

Sustainable energy is way to go for international development  as well as tackling climate change. ​While this is widely accepted, and ambitious climate and energy access targets have been set by the international community, we still seriously lag behind in reaching these goal. Education and training in the field of clean energy has been identified […]

World Bank collection of development visualizations

Have you seen the World Bank Viz page on tumblr already? It’s a cool selection of all the visualizations World Bank has collected to make sense of available open data. The aim is to fight poverty by understanding the reasons and facts on one hand, and on the other to promote transparency and end corruption. […]

For many developing countries cooking and heating needs in rural areas are met by traditional cookstoves reliant on biomass fuels. This month, GVEP International was invited to present at a Clean Cookstoves Workshop aimed at engaging the support of Government of Malawi . On April 11, the US Embassy hosted a Clean Cookstove Symposium in […]

Durban Summit dealing with intellectual property

I have been following the climate summit in Durban from afar; no matter how I look at it and which source I take the news aren’t good. Even the conservative International Energy Agency (IEA) has declared a five year window for meeting any civilization-saving climate goals, and that should ring alarm bells in anybody’s head. […]

REEEP and OFID about to fund clean energy projects

REEEP is in the lucky position once again to give away money for projects thanks to the generous support of the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID). This call targets energy access programmes for the poor in the Least Developed Countries (LDC’s). Considering we are approaching 2012 – I am NOT talking about the Mayan […]

A micro-hydro company that is to supply electricity to health centres in remote areas of Rwanda is a reminder of how critical energy access is for achieving the Millennium Development Goals – as the 2015 deadline approaches. But before the acclaimed universal access can be met, small energy enterprises in developing countries must overcome significant […]



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