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China’s Positive Role in Cancun Talks

Early morning of 11th, Dec., 193 countries gathered at COP16 finally reached two Accords which include $30 billion “fast-start” support for developing countries during 2010 and 2012, $100 billion per year after 2020 to mitigate climate change through setting up the Green Climate Fund dominated by developed countries; financial support for reducing deforestation and forest […]

Dr. Marianne Osterkorn, REEEP‘s Director General attended the Cancun conference and was recently quizzed on her thoughts about the outcome. Looking at the Cancun Agreements, would you rate COP16 as a success or failure? I’d say Cancun was a qualified success in that there was an agreement at all – albeit a fairly weak one.  […]

UN climate talks agrees deal, restores faith in UN process

The UN Climate Change Conference in Cancun, Mexico, ended on Saturday with the adoption of a balanced package of decisions that set all governments more firmly on the path towards a low-emissions future and support enhanced action on climate change in the developing world. The package, dubbed the “Cancun Agreements” was welcomed to repeated loud […]

Public and private sectors must work together to develop clean energy markets

Back in Europe and (mostly) recovered from jet-lag, I’m getting round to a slightly belated post on the COP16 official side event hosted by REEEP and IETA. Entitled Finance to push forward clean technology: a forum for business and policy-makers, the event brought together a range of prominent figures from governments, multilateral organisations and the […]

UN climate talks seek to avert damaging failure

Several environment ministers said on Wednesday that failure at the talks in Cancun, Mexico, could undermine faith in the ability of the United Nations to tackle global problems in the 21st century as power shifts toward emerging nations led by China and India, writes Reuters. “I think that what is at stake here is also […]

Tuesday afternoon saw the commencement of the High-level Ministerial segment of the COP16 negotiations, opened by Christiana Figueres, UNFCCC‘s Executive Secretary. She stressed that the political stakes in the negotiations are very high; that the environmental stakes are very high; and that we have to honestly assess the effects of our actions on the most […]



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