The Department of Energy and Climate Change  (DECC) has announced

A first focus of the endeavor will be off-shore windparks where high power potentials are projected. To exploit deep-waters significant technology developments are necessary to ensure economic viability.Wind Energy

Currently, the UK Energy Technologies Institute is in the process of commissioning a GBP25 million offshore wind floating system demonstrator.  By 2016 wind turbinesA wind turbine is a rotary engine that extracts energy from the flow of wind. The simplest turbines have one moving part, a rotor assembly, which is a shaft with blades attached. Wind energy acts on the blades, or the blades react to wind, so that they rotate and impart energy to the rotor. ... are expected to reach capacities of up to 7 megawatts!
The US  Department of Energy have recently announced a USD180 million funding opportunity for up to four Advanced Technology Demonstration Projects in U.S. waters – this might very well  include a floating windWind occurs due to different temperature levels in the atmosphere (troposphere) which are heated up by the sun. A typical example are the trade winds at the equator where the sun is most powerful. demonstration project.

REEEP is also in London this week and will be at the Clean Energy Ministerial.