While ambitious climate and 5 targetsTarget period: For multi-year goals, a period of several consecutive years over which the mitigation goal is to be achieved. The last years of the goal period. Target year: For single-year goals, the year by which the goal is to be met. The last year of the goal period. Target year emissions: ... are already in place we still seriously lag behind in reaching these goals and often find that what’s missing is often proper access to essential information, at the right time and in a useful format.

The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP), the Global Buildings Performance Network (GBPN) and Semantic Web Company (SWC)  see sustainable developmentThe concept of sustainable development was introduced in the World Conservation Strategy (IUCN 1980) and had its roots in the concept of a sustainable society and in the management of renewable resources. Adopted by the WCED in 1987 and by the Rio Conference in 1992 as a process of change in ... as an excellent way to showcase the benefits of Linked Open Data (LOD), and therefore have joined forces to organize a workshop at this year’s Open Knowledge Conference (16th-18th September) in Geneva to highlight use-cases of Linked Open Data and discuss lessons learntLearning from experience that is applicable to a generic situation rather than to a specific circumstance. (UNDP)Generalizations based on evaluation experiences with projects, programs, or policies that abstract from the specific circumstances to broader situations. Frequently, lessons highlight ....

Sustainable development is a complex area where many factors are needed to make informed decisions – LOD supports better decision making as well as awareness building.small_recycle.gif

The same can be said about modern energy systems that combine new and conventional sources of energy, centralized and on-site generation and a complex distribution infrastructure. A lot of data is needed to smooth the way for the transition towards clean energy, yet often it is stored across hundreds of different information silos that are not connected to each other. Today networking is being accepted as a crucial part of development, and that can also be said about networked, linked information/data. Linked Open Data is often described as Open Data interlinked with other datasets.

LOD connects the dots and helps us paint a better, bigger picture.

All three organizations believe that the LOD principles are the right technology to support our efforts to tackle these global issues.

Come by the How Linked Open Data supports Sustainable Development & Climate Change Development Workshop at OKCon 2013 in Geneva!


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