Really interesting development here: it looks like geothermal power could offer a chance for the mining industry and renewable energy to become partners!

A new project called Geotermia Andina represents geothermal fields that are located near large scale mining activity along the Andean ranges and the border between Chile and Argentina. At the end of October, Geotermia Andina signed a Letter of Intent with Barrick Gold Corporation, for the development of the Los Despoblados geothermal project in San Juan, Argentina.lightbulb.gif

Los Despoblados is located 10km from Barrick’s Veladero mine, with an energy demand of 14MW. By funding the initial drilling campaign, Barrick will be entitled to 70% of the power it produces. There are also hopes to supply Barrick’s Bi-National, Chile-Argentina Pascua Lama mine, which will require 120MW in two years time.