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Our Energy Future

Summertime affords the opportunity to sit back a bit and mull. With people on holiday the phone is quiet, the deluge of email has slowed to a trickle and there is time to allow the mind to wander: to reflect on bigger issues and contemplate interconnections. The post-2015 development agenda is one that has popped […]

Mobile phones have boomed in Africa and Asia over the last decade, without any UN “cellphones for all” programme. In fact, fairly soon, there will be one mobile phone for every person on the planet – at least statistically! (There are now 5.98 billion ‘mobile devices’ in the world according to the International Telecommunications Union.) […]

Climate services and M&E now part of reegle Tagging API

You are probably aware of our free Tagging API which is a reegle service to automatically tag your web resources that deal with clean energy and climate change issues. In an explosively growing online world, it is critical to make large independent databases more ‘searchable.’ Tagging the information in individual documents makes them much more […]

Following reading and interesting CDKN (Climate and Development Knowledge Network) brief on Thai energy policy, here are a few key extracts from the document. Setting up the right environment in terms of policy and regulation can be a real accelerator for renewables energy and energy efficiency. Thailand is taking the right measures to ensure sustainable […]

Experiencing the Asian Clean Energy Forum 2013

This is an article by Laura Williamson, the communications and outreach manager at REN21: The summer heat that has finally hit Paris!  It is reminiscent of the heat I recently experienced at the Asian Clean Energy Forum (ACEF); one major difference however is that in Manila everything is air-conditioned whereas in Paris you have to […]



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