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This is a contributed blog article by Jeff Rieger outlining the basic facts and (economic) advantages of switching to an alternative car. Looming on the horizon is a future of high gas prices and disuse for most cars on the road today. More and more drivers are getting on board with alternatively-powered vehicles and  more […]

On the fast lane – Bus Rapid Transit in Jakarta, Indonesia

Blog based on an article written by my colleague Claudia  Florowski . The REEEP-funded TransJakarta project for low carbon public transport in Jakarta is stepping up its game. The project, part of  REEEP’s 8th programme call, just celebrated a successful milestone with the opening of another bus lane. The implementing agency for this project is the Institute […]

REEEP Annual Report 2012-13 is availiable!

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership: REEEP’s brand-new Annual Report gives a concise overview of the Partnership’s achievements during the period from1 April 2012 to 31 March 2013.  This was a year of transformation, in which a new positioning was adopted, and in which personnel, systems and activities were aligned to deliver on the new […]

I just got back from another intensive workshop – or rather two to be precise. Last Friday REEEP and OpenEI held a joint workshop on Linked Open Data and how it could be a useful technology to accelerate climate change adaptation and mitigation. REEEP‘s IT Director Florian Bauer and Jon Weers of OpenEI presented the […]



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