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Today I’d like to share a guest article by Brisbane solar company Infinite Energy Brisbane that highlights why solar energy systems for residential utilization make so much sense:  Solar power is a relative newcomer in the residential energy industry; so many homeowners are still wary and somewhat uneducated about fueling the home using solar energy. […]

Energy Hackathon 2013 in Helsinki

I am sharing news of an interesting event with you guys: The Energy Hackathon 2013 in Helsinki, Finland – I will also be there as a mentor for the hackathon and think it is a great occasion for us to promote the idea that access to open data is a crucial enabler to accelerate clean […]

Open Data MeetUp in Vienna – 3 years OGD in Austria

The Austria Open Data Movement started 3 years ago, which gives us a good enough reason to celebrate this anniversary next week on April 17th in Vienna! Rufus Pollock, an early supporter of Open Data in Austria and co-founder of the Open Knowledge Foundation, will speak about Past-Present-Future of Open Data in the international context. The […]

Since Rio+20, there is commitment for the of post-2015 development goals to take over after the Millennium Development Goals and the establishment of the new Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs. The discussion has drawn in a large amount of organizations discussion „the world we want“. Yet it is still difficult to understand what the exact […]



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