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Green ICT for Sustainable Consumption – a Responder Event

While most of the REEEP team spend last week at Abu Dhabi’s WFES2013, I stayed here in Vienna and attended the RESPONDER Event Green ICT (Information and Communication Technology) for Sustainable Consumption (17th/18th of January). RESPONDER deals with potential political, social and economic contradictions between sustainable consumption and economic growth and tries to find links by getting […]

The issue with energy, water and food

The water, energy and food nexus connects three sectors that are closely related and interlinked- water security, energy security and food security. The nexus also takes into account that what is positive for one of these sectors might have a negative influence for another. At the end of the day it is a bargain, a […]

New video about the “reegle tagging API” available

  Your organisation has amassed a vast, valuable storehouse of electronic documents. Unfortunately, they are not particularly well-ordered or categorized. They also lack tagging for online search-ability, so visitors to your own website have no effective way of finding and accessing the wealth of information that is already there. Or, your resources are actually organized […]

Over the last few days foodwaste was an issue in the media again – every so often we all appear shocked when confronted with the facts but it seems the situation is not improving; while in one corner of the world people stuff themselves and waste perfectly fine food, in others parents are wondering every […]

In the wake of the financial crisis, global unemployment rates have hit 6% with no improvement projected until after 2016. Recent estimates suggest that the most severely affected are today’s youth, with their global unemployment rate reaching 12.7%. Even the most educated generation in terms of higher degree attainment, the Millennial Generation born between early […]

Solar power – on the fast lane

There were some problems last year for solar manufacturers: for example an oversupply problem. Evenso, good news is that 2012 actually witnessed a dramatic growth in the world’s use of solar power. Especially  the amount of solar panels installed on rooftops in the U.S. soared in recent quarters. This is thanks to new  innovative financing […]



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