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 One often gets the impression that investment into environmental protection is hindering economic development; new analysis however, published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, proves this wrong and shows that the social and economic benefits by far outweigh the cost. By looking at the advanced measures to reduce fine particulate matter (PM2.5) in India […]

What about carbon sinks?

 We emit increasing amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year – carbon sinks are either natural or artificial reservoirs that can remove CO2 from the atmosphere. This process is known as carbon sequestration.  The Kyoto Protocol promotes their use as a form of carbon offset and has also increased public awareness of their […]

Renewable Energy Contributers Needed!

REN21’s December newsletter is now available. In it you can find out what is happening at REN21 as well as new initiatives, publication and upcoming event posted by its members. REN21 is also collecting data for its Renewables Global Status Report. The 2014 report will also feature a chapter on distributed renewable energy in developing […]

SunCulture technology gives hope to farmers in Kenya

A Kenya based company that distributes solar irrigation kits to local farmers could transform agriculture through solar powered irrigation – a cost-effective solution to low rainfall and spiking energy prices. GVEP is working with SunCulture to provide strategic advice on expansion into new markets. SunCulture’s AgroSolar Irrigation Kit is a solar powered drip-irrigation system, designed […]

Wind Power in Britain – Uncertainty about the future

Some recent news regarding the development of windpower in the UK were quite frustraing for the clean energy community – for example the the fact that  big six energy companies have pulled the plug on one of the world’s largest offshore windfarms. After RWE shelved its £4bn Atlantic Array windfarm  warnings become louder that inconsistent messages  from […]

Climate Change Showdown.

REN21 is gearing up for its participation at the climate change talks in Warsaw.  While climate is not a central theme to REN21’s work, renewables should be a central element of any climate action plan. Despite tremendous growth in renewable energy witnessed over the last decade, fossil fuels continue to be a destructive force on […]



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