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Clean Energy Events Listing: Canada, Germany, Qatar, Senegal, South Africa, UAE & USA

This is the end, my friends. The end of my regular fortnightly Events Listing posts that is. As many of you are aware REEEP has undergone a major strategy review this year and the result is a focusing of our efforts. We introduced a stronger thematic approach in our recent 9th Call and will be […]

To date, it is estimated that there are 5 million jobs in the renewable energy sector. In 2011 this sector accounted for 44% of new generation capacity added worldwide, with investment forecast to increase from USD 257 billion to above USD 450 billion by 2030. With these strong growth projections, new jobs and positions will […]

Cool energy modelling web tool now includes China

Some of you might remember a blog I wrote last spring introducing an exciting new tool by the  Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), the 2050 Calculator. At the time, this interactive tool was only available to model the UK, so I am happy to find out that it is now also available based […]

reegle releases free tool for automated tagging

We have a reason to celebrate at reegle this week! Finally an almost year-long project has come to a successful close! The reegle API project for automated tagging and categorization was a collaborative project with REEEP/reegle taking the lead and three other partners contributing: OpenEI, weADAPT and IDS/Eldis. It was funded under the CDKN Innovation […]

Clean Energy Events Listing: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, South Africa & UAE

I think I may have discovered a new renewable energy source… I just need to work out how to plug REEEP’s Programme Team into the grid! Since my last Events Listing they have been beavering away to whittle 577 applications under REEEP’s 9th Call for Proposals into a shortlist of 84. You can read more […]

New visualization about national action on climate change

The global climate-action-map is a cool application making use of publicly available datasets to visualize which countries are actively engaged in the fight against climate change. It has been released by the Climate Institute. All major emitting countries are implementing policies to reduce emissions, drive clean energy investment and improve energy efficiency. This is driven […]



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