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Earth Hour 2012

March 31st 2012 – Earth Hour! Once again households and businesses are encouraged to turn off their non-essential lights for one hour to raise awareness about the need to take action on climate change. Initiated by the WWF and started in Sydney in 2008, the event has grown year by year. This year, Earth Hour […]

Climate science and climate policy

Recently there was an event in London, a joint Research and Policy in Development (RAPID)/Climate Change, Environment and Forests (CCEF)  occasion they called ‘Knowledge Café’. Discussed was ‘Climate policy and climate science: an oxymoron?’. It seems sensible that policy should be decided based on facts, and that climate science is the base of climate policy. […]

Sharing information between clean energy knowledge brokers

Sharing information on clean energy between existing knowledge brokers is crucial to avoid replication and facilitate information dissemination to a broad audience. Our clean energy info portal reegle is, as you probably know, on the forefront of the Linked Open Data movement and we are always very keen to establish new partnerships with other energy […]

Clean Energy Events Listing: Canada, Ghana, South Africa and USA

News of events in Accra, Durban, Miami, New York and Toronto follows, but first, here is the weather: It’s sunny in West Africa, you know 40% of Ghana’s population, mostly in the northerly regions, are not connected to the national grid. Government is keen to see that renewable energy, including solar, fills the gap. According […]

New DECC web tool based on energy data – recommended!

I just discovered a new web tool that might interest our readers: DECC (Department of Energy and Climate Change) has developed the 2050 Calculator, an exiting tool where you can create a UK emissions reduction pathways and see its  impacts. This cool application is based on actual UK data, and it’s made possible through the […]

Clean Energy Events Listing: Mexico, Germany, Kenya, The Netherlands, USA and online

I was in Vienna last week at our International HQ. Amongst other things we started discussions about revamping our online communications including the website and our e-newsletters. Let me know if you’ve got any comments or suggestions for how we can improve things: As for this week’s upcoming events, if energy efficiency is […]



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