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Is anybody out there? Are you all busy at COP17 and I’m shouting into a void? Or are some of you (like me) still at your desks? If you’re at COP17 and still have enough attention span to read this – thank you! – I’ll start with a few side events in case you haven’t […]

Durban Climate Change Conference – high expectations?

We might be the last generation with the capacity to act in our struggle to mitigate climate change. The future looks bleak; recent disasters such as the floods in Australia can almost definitely be attributed to global warming, and most experts take an increase in temperature of several degrees Celsius for granted. Today, Monday November […]

reegle’s country profiles – more data for you!

Reegle’s country energy profiles now include even more relevant information for our users! Since reegle has been embracing the principles of (linked) open data, we have bee able to offer you exiting resources such as our comprehensive country energy profiles. We already have interesting facts like energy statistics (visually presented), the policy and regulatory overview, […]

Recommended read

I just want to share with you that an exiting new resource for information on climate change adaptation and mitigation is being published by the CDKN (Climate Development Knowledge Network) on a quarterly basis. Even though this newsletter has already gotten a short mention in a previous blog, I think it is worth telling you […]

RE & EE Events Listing: South Africa, online, United Arab Emirates, UK, USA, Germany

Clean Energy development is a complex beast. As well as consideration of efficiency in energy use and generation from renewable sources, and the many different technologies, we need to take into account differing conditions – both physical and pertaining to the energy market – in different places. So it’s a good thing that I’ve got […]

REIL – REEEP’s Renewable Energy and International Law Project held its first annual Roundtable in Cambridge in June 2011, with partners Anglia Ruskin University’s Global Sustainability Institute  and Cambridge University’s Center for Science and Policy.  The REIL Roundtables bring together leaders across disciplines to share information and discuss ideas on the uptake of clean energy. […]



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