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Investment trends in early 2011

Given the rush to complete a number of big investment transactions in the closing weeks of 2010 – in some cases to “catch” attractive subsidy deals before they expired – it was little surprise that activity in the first quarter of 2011 was relatively subdued. Financial new investment in renewable energy totaled $31 billion, down […]

CDKN’s new Policy Brief on vlimate change and poverty reduction outlines the impacts of climate change on achieving and sustaining development goals. It reviews the evidence gap on climate effects on poverty, and recommends how to ensure effective development in the face of climate change. The brief, written by Simon Anderson, Head of Climate Change […]

Clean energy vision on Solomon Islands

Here is a new blogs based on the REEEP SAP series for the 2012 energy encyclopedia, this time focusing on the Solomon Islands and the situation there concerning energy and climate change mitigation. Due to the institutional framework clean energy is still far from established there, but there are some success stories regarding specific projects […]

Energy insecurity in China

China is getting more reliant on energy imports despite efforts to switch to a low-carbon economy. This becomes apparent when looking at current data in terms of oil consumption and imports; both increased in the first five months of 2011 as compared to 2010. In detail, China consumed 10.3% more oil in the first five […]

Climate, gender and how to tackle both

It is a well established fact: where women and girls are less valued, they are at greater risk to suffer health problems and die from natural disasters than men. 141 countries show that gender differences in deaths from natural disasters are directly linked to women’s economic and social rights a study by the London School […]

Australia’s road to sustainablity

Here is the next part of blogs on the REEEP SAP series for the 2012 energy encyclopedia, this time focusing on the current situation in Australia in terms of renewables and energy efficiency. The world’s smallest continent Australia was inhabited by indigenous Australians  for at least 40,000 years before European  settlement began in the late […]



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