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Archive for June 2011

Arnold surprises at Vienna Energy Forum

I went to the Vienna Energy Forum yesterday, a REEEP endorsed UNIDO event bringing together high-ranking stakeholders from politics, business and academia to discuss a common understanding of energy access for the poor. The event  also coincided with the launching of the Global Energy Assessment. The location was well chosen in the imperial Hofburg palace, […]

Renewable energy for small island nations: Cape Verde

People living in small island nations typically pay much more for energy than those in continental areas, despite, in many cases, their relative poverty. Cape Verde, a group of islands off the coast of West Africa, is an example where the government has ambitious plans to reduce the cost through use of renewable energy. Currently […]

reegle data used by OpenEI

Reegle has entered the LOD (linked open data) cloud a couple of months ago, meaning all of data is there for the taking! Of course, when we see that other websites are using reegle data that proves the relevance of this service to us. A recent development is a “data swap” with OpenEI: we have […]

RE & EE Events Listing: Singapore, Thailand, USA

This week I’ve got news of events in Bangkok, Singapore and Washington DC. Energy Efficient Buildings: Mission Possible Many architects, engineers and constructors in Thailand seem to have understood that image is no longer the main reason to go green. They are asking: ‘Are factories and companies doing enough to perform as green buildings?’ Energy […]

USTDA approves grant for CSP Tower development in Morocco

At the Oujda energy conference on May 31st, under the auspices of the King and the Prime Minister, the director of the Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy (MASEN) and the United States government signed a grant agreement regarding the provision of technical assistance for a CSP Tower project. This is an interesting development for the […]

Barbie gets dumped, Ken discovers the truth

This week Greenpeace has finally revealed who really is to blame for deforestation and in turn, climate change. The suspect has already allegedly caused a wrong  body image and eating disorders in generations of girls, but I never was aware just how much Barbie really has to do with the fate of our planet. Greenpeace […]



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