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Archive for March 2011

RE & EE Events Listing supplemental: EU Sustainable Energy Week

Not long now till EU Sustainable Energy Week. This is clearly a biggie for those of us in this part of the world so I’m bringing you a supplemental Events Listing on REEEP’s official EUSEW side event and the big energy efficiency gathering taking place in Brussels. Exporting energy efficient building technology and services: the […]

GVEP International, in partnership with the Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy, has published a guide for energy entrepreneurs who want to link their businesses to carbon finance. The guide, which is part of a series also covering Investment Finance and End-User Finance, aims to provide recommendations on their first steps to assess their businesses’ potential […]

Climate Compatible Development – Interviews

I have just come back from my trip to the UK and can really sum it up as a success! Not only where all my interview partners from different organizations very helpful and friendly, they also really helped me with organizing the mind map which will be the base for the Climate Compatible Development Thesaurus […]

RE & EE Events Listing: Australia, Belgium and Bulgaria

So, I take it you are all busy working on your proposals in response to REEEP’s 8th Programme Call? I don’t want to distract you from that for too long, but I have got some upcoming events to tell you about… Energy Saving Ambassadors The ‘League of Green Embassies’ may sound like a mysterious cult […]

Constructing the Climate Compatible Development Thesaurus

As I have mentioned before I am in the process of building a Climate Compatible Development Thesaurus for our reegle energy  information gateway. The Renewable Energy Thesaurus is already in place (but constantly undergoing improvements) already supports our clean energy web search as well as it brings you extensive renewables glossary with definitions and a […]

Interview on reegle’s semantic web approach

A few days ago I did an interview with, explaining why the semantic web and (linked) open data are an important tool to facilitate the renewable energy and energy efficiency marketplace and how we use these technology to add value to the information we provide on One Example: On reegle a lot of […]



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