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Archive for February 2011

Looking at Canada’s hydro potentials

The world’s largest producer of hydropower is currently China, followed by Canada. Both are large countries with a large hydropower potential still untapped and evaluated for use. Canada is now set to exploit more of this potential, one major reason being the demand for clean energy from the U.S. This could boost Canada’s economy and […]

RE & EE Events Listing: Belgium & Singapore, plus energy awards

At the end of this Events Listing there’s some news of energy Awards that you may wish to apply for, but before that we’ve got a focus on buildings and cities, covering Europe and Asia. I’m a long way from any cities as I write, sitting here in the French countryside, but I have recently […]

Global warming – a big hoax?

If you read this you most probably belong to a great majority of people who “believe” in climate change as in a phenomena induced by human activity. Yet not everybody will agree with that, and you have probably encountered those who still insist that nothing out of the usual is happening. Classics that those who […]

Energy & Linked Data

As mentioned in my article about the launch of our open data portal (, I attended the Linked Open Government Data Camp in London last year. During this event, the organisers interviewed me and Martin Kaltenböck from Semantic Web Company on our approach to provide linked open energy data (free to re-use) via reegle. Now, […]

RE & EE Events Listing: Brazil, Bulgaria, Poland

We’re off to Eastern Europe and Latin America this week… well, for our round up of RE and EE events anyway. I’m physically off to London then Vienna 😉 Still, reading about this stuff makes you feel as though you’re going to Sofia, Warsaw, Sao Paolo and Forteleza, right? Hopefully something will grab you and […]

EU Energy Data – visualised

Today a new very useful application was launched to put European energy targets into a context and visualise data from (mainly) Eurostat. Eurostat provides free to re-use, open data – which is really useful and even more useful if you put these datasets in a context. The team of the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN) did […]



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