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RE & EE Events Listing: Germany, UAE, UK & the USA

Last week another COP came to an inconclusive close. Last month an era at REEEP ended with the retirement of our original Director General. Last year we had no idea of the scale of events that would take place in 2011, both natural and human-led, producing the potential for huge changes in the way we […]

EU to open “gold mine” in public administrations

To ensure the EU is on path to sustainable growth the Union must strengthen its innovative potential and use its resources in the best possible way. Public data such  as geographical information, statistics, weather data and data from publicly funded research projects are part of these resources. Currently the situation is rather unsatisfying in that […]

REN21 Renewables 2011 Status Report launched in ten countries

This year, for the first time since its initial 2005 edition, the REN21 Renewables 2011 Global Status Report was officially launched in ten countries around the world. The series began with a GSR2011 launch event in Fiji, followed by events in Germany, Ghana, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Singapore, the United States, Morocco, South Africa and Australia. […]

Cheering the COP results?

So here is our final update on COP in Durban. A great success… not really. The end of all hope…. Well, apparently not. See if you are convinced. Really, the Kyoto Protocol has been slayed after Canada, Japan, Russia and  the US declared no interest in continuing the treaty with mandatory emission targets (or even […]

Durban Summit dealing with intellectual property

I have been following the climate summit in Durban from afar; no matter how I look at it and which source I take the news aren’t good. Even the conservative International Energy Agency (IEA) has declared a five year window for meeting any civilization-saving climate goals, and that should ring alarm bells in anybody’s head. […]

Ask an expert at Clean Energy Solution Center

The Clean Energy Solutions Center has established itself as a useful information hub for sharing policy best practices, data, and analysis tools across countries. They have now announced an exiting new service: their Technical Resource Team. This team consists of a global network of clean energy experts available for personalized attention and technical assistance at […]



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