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Believe in Cancun?

After the rather disappointing outcome of the Copenhagen Climate Summit 2009 right now 16th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 16) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is being held in Cancun. Compared to the massive promotion and high expectations of last year’s event, the Cancun Summit isn’ t […]

Challenges for Africa

Water is the source of all life, and like all goods it isn’t portioned out fairly.  When considering that the average German flushes more water down the toilet in a year than an average African uses during his entire life, it becomes clear just how uneven the access to clean water is. The amount of […]

Linked Open Data

Linked data, linked open data and open government  data are some of the buzz phrases associated with the web 2.0  and the semantic web. The term describes a way of  exposing, sharing, and connecting data via dereferenceable URIs. “Open Knowledge” can be any information or content that is free for people to use, re-use and […]

reegle provides linked open data on clean energy!

Following the worldwide trend of Open Government Data as well as Linked (Open) Data, REEEP launched in cooperation with our implementation partner “Semantic Web Company” the new reegle data portal today. On you now can find data on stakeholders in the clean energy area as well as (energy) country profiles. This is just the […]

Accelerating the move!

A new report from The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) proves again what many in the line of green businesses already expect: a rapid growth of renewable energy technologies. In fact, the report concludes that such sources of energy are right on track to stir up our conventional energy-mix, and faster than it was anticipated.

The 2008 Global Financial Crisis had little impact on the flow of funds to South Asia’s power sector. All told, the sector still needs up to $150 billion in additional investments to meet its growing electricity demand by 2015 says a new report. The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Investments in the Electric […]



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