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Rescue for the Arctic North?

Apparently the level of pollution is six times higher than it should be in the Arctic! Now Prime Minister Putin calls for a major clean-up of the area. He explained that this scrapheap in the ecologically sensitive area is the result of the reduction of military cooperation since the collapse of the Soviet Union. 40,000 […]

Targets-ever to be reached?

A new analysis from the Carbon Disclosure Project reports that top companies in the U.S. will fail to meet President Barack Obama‘s goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions 17 % compared to a 2005 baseline by 2020. This proposal was made in the run-up to the Climate Summit in Copenhagen. In fact, companies on Standard […]

New low-carbon, web-based service uses behavioral factors to nudge householders to use less electricity. Welectricity, a free web application for tracking and reducing household electricity consumption, has been launched by startup Welectricity Inc on April 22nd 2010, the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. Founder Herbert A (Haz) Samuel, a Caribbean energy consultant, notes that households […]

Act Differently, Act Together, Act Now

Developing economies and expanding urban populations in East Asia have seen energy consumption trebled and it will likely continue to rise – the World Bank suggests that renewable energy could in fact contribute a large chunk of the load! But China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam must act now and focus on the transformation, […]

Satellite launch

On April 8th the European Space Agency (ESA) launched its first mission dedicated to study the Earth’s ice from the polar orbit. The CryoSat-2 satellite will sent new information to improve our understanding of how ice is responding to climate change and what role it actually plays for global climate. It is expected this should […]

The POWEO Foundation Award awards energy projects with 10,000 Euros in sub-Saharan Africa. Deadline for applications: September 30, 2010.



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