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Copenhagen Accord-Today’s the deadline

Today is the deadline under the U.N climate accord for rich countries to submit their targets in terms of GHG emissions, and for developing nations to declare their plans for reducing and slowing down emissions.

India trades Green Certificates

India is getting focused in terms of increasing capacities of renewable power generation during preparations for crucial negotiations at the end of the month. New policies are being introduced in order to accelerate the transition. An important one was the announcement by India’s power tariff regulator in September about better feed-in tariffs for clean electricity. […]

Revolution in Russia?

The Russian Ministry of Energy is focusing on developing and adopting additional renewable energy regulations in order to accelerate the further development of the renewable energy sector. “It is true that we are the world’s leading nation in terms of energy resources. This does not mean, however, that we should consume these resources irresponsibly.” said […]

‘Bloc of four’ gets together ahead of time

The Copenhagen Accord acknowledges the scientific view that the increase in global temperature must be limited to no more than 2 degrees in order to keep our planet the way we know it. This view is shared by most countries, rich and poor. This political accord has set a January 31 2010 deadline for rich […]

News from Southern Africa (January 2010)

What happened recently in Southern Africa? Our Southern Africa Regional Secretariat put together a short list of the most important new from the region: Electricity: Cabinet has approved the Integrated Resource Plan (IPR), formulated under the Electricity Regulation Act, and it will guide government on how it can meet the country’s electricity demands. see: […]

CDM: Make renewables additional

CDM must work to promote low-carbon energy REEEP position: classify all renewable energy and energy efficiency technology projects additional There is little dispute that the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is in urgent need of reform. The entire concept of additionality, where a project must show that it yields an outcome that would not otherwise have […]



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