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Cold winter-what about global warming?

We are having an exceptionally cold winter with lots of snow in Europe this year again, and this is being misinterpreted as signalling an end to global warming. This is a superficial judgement of the situation as a whole, and those denying anthropogenic climate change like to use such indicators to support their theories.

China’s Positive Role in Cancun Talks

Early morning of 11th, Dec., 193 countries gathered at COP16 finally reached two Accords which include $30 billion “fast-start” support for developing countries during 2010 and 2012, $100 billion per year after 2020 to mitigate climate change through setting up the Green Climate Fund dominated by developed countries; financial support for reducing deforestation and forest […]

Important suggestions-implement them now!

As a result of the December plenary on the medium term energy strategy session the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) tells the EU that it must thrive to implement more ambitious CO2 reduction targets while at the same time be cautious regarding energy competitiveness in the immediate future. New models of energy use and […]

Dr. Marianne Osterkorn, REEEP‘s Director General attended the Cancun conference and was recently quizzed on her thoughts about the outcome. Looking at the Cancun Agreements, would you rate COP16 as a success or failure? I’d say Cancun was a qualified success in that there was an agreement at all – albeit a fairly weak one.  […]

The fifth edition of the Sustainable Energy Regulators Network policy and regulation energy review has been released. This energy database outlines the latest policy frameworks, regulatory institutions and mechanisms relevant to renewable energy and energy efficiency, country by country in: The Caribbean, Central and Latin America; Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and the former Soviet […]

News from South East Asia and the Pacific

As the team of the Regional Secretariat will be travelling for most December, we would like to take the opportunity of this last news from the Region of 2010 to thank all REEEP Partners and Friends for your continued support. We hope the year has been at least as rewarding for you as it has […]



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