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The benefits of efficient building

Around 40% of greenhouse gas emissions  derive from the building sector,  in fact  more than from transportation or any other sector . It’s clear there’s a huge potential  in cutting GHG emissions by improving efficiency. The good news is that it’s also the cheapest way to do so! Improving energy efficiency can cut one third […]

Another summit on climate change

Nearly 100 world leaders accepted UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s invitation to participate in UN Climate  Summit on Climate Change in New York on 22 September to mobilize political will and strengthen momentum for a fair, effective, and ambitious climate deal in Copenhagen this December. The UN summit not have been the spectacular breakthrough in the international […]

Do you understand how the electricity market works?

Electricity market reform is an ever-lasting issue. Most countries of the world are involved in processes of liberalization of their electricity markets. We all hear about promoting competition, natural monopolies that need to be regulated, incentives to reduce costs and energy losses, infrastructure expansion, security and quality of supply, grid access tariffs… Electricity market becomes […]

Australia laid a foundation for an effective policy platform

On 20 August 2009, the Australian Government approved the landmark Renewable Energy Target (RET) legislation to ensure 20 percent of Australia’s stationary energy will come from renewable energy sources by 2020. This was once of the Prime Minister’s election commitment and it is demonstrating continued leadership on climate change policy. The RET legislation will be […]

UK green stimulus for developing countries announced

Renewable energy provision in the developing world could receive a vital boost after the announcement of a new initiative which will look at how to stimulate investment in a low-carbon future for the world’s poorest people. Gareth Thomas, International Development Minister, announced the initiative on Wednesday 16 September in a speech at the Renewable Energy […]

Just a short notice on a webinar that will take place next week (25th September, 3pm Vienna time) … Together with our partners from Leonardo Energy I will hold a webinar on “Navigating the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency information jungle”. This webinar will briefly introduce the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) and […]



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