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China study urges greenhouse gas caps, peak in 2030

A study, prepared by some of the nation’s top climate change policy advisers, proposes that with the right policies emissions growth could slow by 2020 with levels peaking around 2030. “As soon as possible, study and draft relative and then absolute targets to cap the total volume of carbon dioxide emissions,” says the preface of the report, obtained by Reuters. “Establishing and acting on quantified targets and corresponding policies to address climate change in the medium to long-term is already a matter of great urgency.” The call for “quantified targets” to cap greenhouse gas pollution marks a high-level public departure from China’s reluctance to spell out a proposed peak and date for it. This also signals that Beijing wants to play an active role in seeking agreement for a new international climate change pact.

UN climate talks made limited progress, need to pick up speed

A week-long negotiations toward a new global response to climate change concluded in Bonn Friday. Negotiators get down to practicalities in the areas of adaptation, technology and capacity building. Some progress was also made in narrowing options in the negotiating text. “So with only 15 days of negotiating time left before Copenhagen, negotiations will need to considerably pick up speed for the world to achieve a successful result at Copenhagen,” Yvo de Boer, UN climate chief, said. Governments also discussed how 2020 emission reduction pledges of industrialized countries could be translated into legally binding targets as a key component of the Copenhagen deal. “Industrialized countries need to show a greater level of ambition in agreeing to meaningful mid-term emission reduction targets,” de Boer said. “We also need a clear indication of the finance and technology industrialized countries are ready to provide to help developing countries green their economic growth and adapt to the impacts of climate change,” said de Boer.

Kenya to get Africa’s biggest wind farm

Some 365 wind turbines will be installed in desert around Lake Turkana in northern Kenya to create the biggest wind farm in Africa. Once completed in 2012, the farm will have a capacity of 300 megawatts. The £533 million (USD895 million) project, backed by the African Development Bank, will have a quarter of Kenya’s current installed power and one of the highest proportions of wind energy to be fed in a national grid anywhere in the world. The German consortium working on the project has leased 66,000 hectares of the world’s largest permanent desert lake. Extreme temperatures generate extreme winds and this is the reason wind farms have great potential in Africa.



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