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U.S. could save hundreds of billions by investing more in energy efficiency

The United States could save about USD600 billion in energy costs by 2020 if it hiked annual efficiency spending about five-fold, McKinsey and Co said in a report, according to Reuters. Governments, businesses and the general public would have to boost annual spending on existing energy-saving measures from about USD10 billion annually to 50 billion per year or in all 520 billion by 2020. The upfront costs would pay off by saving USD1.2 trillion by 2020, according to the report. The reduction in energy use would also result in the abatement of 1.1 gigatons of greenhouse gas emissions annually – the equivalent of taking the entire U.S. fleet of passenger vehicles and light trucks off the roads. Such savings will be possible, however, only if the U.S. can overcome significant barriers, which require an integrated set of solutions – including information and education, incentives and financing, codes and standards, and deployment resources well beyond current levels.

$3 billion boost for renewables

Ever since the energy crisis in the seventies the U.S. government has used policies to support the growth of the renewable energy sector. Neighbourhoods of the seventies and eighties very often display old rooftop solar thermal collectors which were installed at a time when people were taking advantage of the tax credit made available during […]

Desert current to power Europe

One of the most ambigious renewable energy projects has had a sound start in Munich this week: Destertec. Within the next three years there are to be concrete plans for  solar thermal plants in North Africa, the initiators, twelve major companies, said. Whilst there is still technical research to be done, the main objective now […]

Sunshine regions in China

China has great renewable resources to explore. So far, much has been done to promote wind power, with some of the world’s largest wind power farms being currently constructed in china. Solar thermal energy is well established and widespread. But, until recently, China’ s policy towards Photo-Voltaic was more reluctant in regard to domestic power […]

The biggest wind power farm in China

Wind power now seems to be the best choice for many countries in an effort to switch to renewable energy sources. Wind power is attractive in both economic as well as environmental regards. It delivers not only economic development benefits, but it’s also a safe source for the China’s (and the rest of the world’s) […]

The safest nuclear power station in the world

Today 17% of the world’s electricity comes from nuclear power plants. Right now 14 countries are building a total of 6 nuclear power stations, some in an effort to reduce CO-emissions, others because they find it a cheap alternative to other, saver methods to create electricity. France is even making a profit from selling nuclear […]



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