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Sustainable Energy – without the hot air

Thanks to Urban Ziegler of RETScreen for putting me onto this fascinating book by David JC MacKay, a Physicist at Cambridge University.  Sustainable Energy – without the hot air sets out to crunch the numbers on a potential sustainable energy future for the UK. You can download the entire book (in three sections) or a […]

U.S. climate talks make progress … with some gaps

U.S.-hosted climate talks with the world’s biggest greenhouse gas polluters concluded on Tuesday with signs of progress but sizable differences as nations work toward a deal this year to fight global warming, writes Reuters. The two-day meeting, convened by U.S. President Barack Obama, was meant to pave the way for international talks in Copenhagen in […]

It’s done  :-))  We re-launched reegle today with its brandnew design and the new clean energy map. I will keep my blog-post short and simple as there is so much to do at the moment (everyone who ever organised a launch of a product knows what I am talking about 😉 ) What’s new on […]

The Carbon Footprint of Email Spam – 17 million tons of CO2

A few days ago McAfee / ICF International released a report about “The Carbon Footprint of Email Spam“. The numbers shown in this report are amazing, the waste of electricity is frustrating and the impact of Spams on our climate (CO2 Emissions) is really frightening. Let’s summarise the report: About 62 trillion spam emails where […]

A huge amount of money is allocated by governments all over the world to stimulate the economy which represents a unique opportunity for green businesses. The question is: how much will governments spend in accelerating the shift from fossil energy to renewable energy and help to create a more energy efficient future? HSBC Climate Change […]

Google’s Data Centers are highly energy efficient

A few days ago, google inveted to a “Efficient Data Center Summit” where leaders of the IT industry discussed best practices for data center efficiency. It was the first time, that google showed videos of their data centers and presented their ways to create the “world’s most efficienct data centers”. But (as you can imagine) […]



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