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Farmers Trade Crops for Solar Lighting in the Solomon Islands

Using crops in a unique barter system, a new microfinance project in the Solomon Islands has successfully implemented a solar lighting finance scheme, enabling communities to trade crops for much needed access to light. A team of renewable energy developers working for SOPAC, the Pacific Islands Applied Geoscience Commission, and funded by REEEP, recently completed […]

Parlez vous Français?  This year’s Energy Efficiency Global Forum & Exposition (EE Global) being held in Paris, France April 27-29 is fast approaching. Coordinated by the Alliance to Save Energy in conjunction with a variety of international partners and sponsors, EE Global will prove to be a one of a kind event that focuses on […]

Russian Decree on Renewable Energy

On January 8th the Russian government released a decree announcing their priorities for improving energy efficiency in the power sector. The decree states official targets for the generation of power from renewable energy sources until 2020. The target is 4.5% from RE by 2020 excluding large hydro, and 20% by 2020 with large hydro. The […]

South Africa Considers Feed-In Tariff

NERSA, the National Energy Regulator for South Africa, has released a proposal for the introduction of feed-in tariffs for the country. If implemented, this would be a milestone for South Africa’s renewables sector, as the establishment of support mechanisms are critical to attracting finance into the sector. The ongoing public consultation process ends on January 15th […]

The eeGlobal Forum 2009

Energy efficiency is often seen as the less glamourous cousin of renewable energy. But the fact is that in efforts to mitigate climate change, improving energy efficiency is by far the quickest and cheapest solution. Simple measures such as insulating a home or using more efficient light bulbs will directly reduce energy consumption and CO2 […]

UK to get “green new deal” to create jobs

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown today unveiles a program of investment in new technologies and low-carbon projects and public works to ease the pain of recession by creating up to 100,000 jobs, according to The Observer. The prime minister promises to use public money not only to create short-term jobs, but also to build a […]



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