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Movement in the right direction

A positive aspect of the Copenhagen summit was the general agreement on the  necessity of fighting united against climate change. OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurria called the Copenhagen Accord a hard-fought political agreement, even if it was far from perfect. Most countries are expected to sign it, and the focus is on Mexico to establish a […]

What’s next…

That the  Copenhagen summit did not emerge with a concrete binding solution has led some countries to blame one another. Another fact is that most countries aren’t happy with the weak outcome of the Climate Conference. It consists of a non binding accord between the U.S., China and other emerging states that global warming must be limited to […]

A new report from GVEP-I sets out to tackle the question of why the adoption of improved cook stoves has been so slow in developing countries. GVEP International has produced a report compiling a series of articles written by key stakeholders active in the promotion, dissemination and marketing of cookstoves globally. The main purpose of […]

Countdown in Copenhagen

The countdown is running. The last few days gave only little reason to cheer and to expect the necessary achievements. Decision makers have now arrived in Copenhagen, and are trying to commit to binding resolutions.

In Copenhagen alongside the COP15, Dr. Osterkorn (Director General of REEEP) gave an interview describing REEEP’s role in the climate change environment.

Against the background of the slow progress at COP15, two panel discussions organised by ClimateOne and REEEP highlighted the importance of sub-national states, provinces, cities and private business in meeting the climate change challenge. During the two discussions which were recorded for public radio in the United States, moderator Greg Dalton quizzed Governor Schwarzenegger, Huang […]



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