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reegle @ WIREC 2008

I am sure you know that one of the largest conferences on Renewable Energy will take place next week (3.2.2008 – 6.2.2008) in Washington DC. I will be there and present reegle at the WIREC exhibition (Booth: 220 – German Pavilion – BMU). If you want to talk to me about reegle it would be […]

New reegle features will be launched soon

A short update from the reegle product-management: We just finished the work on the the reegle – WIREC search and it will go online soon. This page will be dedicated to the Washington International Renewable Conference 2008 and will provide a customised search on Best Practices als well as links to several very interesting other […]

REEEP Side event at the DSDS and the Project Managers Meeting

The side event was well attended and the quality of the presentations were good. The UNEP presentation seemed more appropriate to the theme of the workshop and PwC presented their project plans.The presentation from Saurabh Kumar at BEE was also useful. Most of the other presentations ended up presenting their organisations or their projects rather […]

Welcome to the reegle weblog

This reegle weblog has been opened on 21 February 2008 and will inform about the reegle Information Gatway for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency as well as about the REEEP Partnership (Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership) – and relevant events and news in the area of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency worldwide.



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